10 Mortgage Servicers are now required to provide $8.5 Billion in funding for borrowers that were impacted by wrongful foreclosures between 2009-2011 or in need of a Loan Modification.

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Homeowners, there are several options that are currently available that are designed to reduce your payments. The programs that are available depends on the current status of your mortgage.

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We all know that traveling down an unfamiliar highway is easier with a road map. Use our guide to understand the options available to make this journey less stressful.

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Welcome to Fix My Payment

The federal government along with various lenders have released multiple programs aimed to help struggling homeowners reduce their monthly mortgage payments. Many homeowners have taken advantage of these great programs but there are still those who continue to struggle. If you are a homeowner experiencing a hardship situation you may be able to get help with one or all of the following :

  • Interest rate reduction as low as 2% fixed. 
  • Cut your monthly mortgage payments in half.
  • Reduce your principle balance to fair market value.
  • Suspend your monthly payments for up to 12 months.
  • Receive a debt forgiveness on your 2nd mortgage.



How to get started:

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“Fix My Payment is an organization that prides itself on educating the community. We understand the worth of your home as well as the memories built in it. Let us add value to your lives by arming you with the knowledge to change your situation, permanently.”


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