Get approved for a Mortgage Relief Option that can reduce your mortgage payment and interest rate by finding out how. We’ve helped HUNDREDS of homeowners reduce their monthly mortgage payments and avoid foreclosure. Call for details

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10 Mortgage Relief Options for Homeowners

Homeowners, there are several options that are currently available that are designed to reduce your payments. The programs that are available depends on the current status of your mortgage.

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Larry Price Enterprises, Inc is in the forefront in assisting student loan debtors by reducing their monthly payments, and possible loan forgiveness.

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Power Hour Host – Larry P

Introducing LARRY P, Host of the Nationality Syndicated Power Hour Show

larry 1 flippedLarry Price is a Nationally Known Community Advocate for Foreclosure Prevention and Homeowner Awareness and the CEO/President of Fix My Payment- a division of AMS Alliance, Inc, a Mortgage Servicing Company.

Larry P  has extensive experience in the real estate industry, with over 15 years of mortgage servicing areas such as Loss Mitigation (Modifications, Short Sale, DIL, Forbearance Plans), Foreclosure and Bankruptcy servicing.  He has held prominent positions in the mortgage servicing industry as a result of his direct and positive impact in the Mortgage Industry.

Because of his unique ability to diagnose & provide solutions for a homeowner’s mortgage problems,  Larry P is often referred to as the “Mortgage Doctor.”

Larry P hosts the Nationality Syndicated Power Hour Show with Larry P each week on iHeart Radio.  His mission is to Reach, Inform, and Empower Homeowners, the show focuses on Homeowner Awareness as it relates to mortgage issues and provides much needed information on all Mortgage Relief Programs available to homeowners who have unaffordable mortgages.

 Larry P’s contribution to the Real Estate market has created affordable payments for over 12,500 homeowners nationally. His desire to educate the community has reached over 400,000 homeowners nationwide and continues to be a driving force in today’s uncertain mortgage times.

Take part in Larry P’s mission by joining the united front to increase “Homeowner Awareness” nationwide.  Larry P has created a Mortgage Relief Movement to promote mortgage affordability, sound comprehension of all programs available, and most importantly keeping the dream of “HOME OWNERSHIP” alive.  In order to create a positive change in today’s real estate market, we must come together and stand united. One Voice, One Vision, One Outcome…HOME OWNERSHIP RETENTION!

If you would like to get up-to-date information surrounding all mortgage programs, go to the Contact Larry Price tab and subscribe to receive our newsletters and live announcements.